The Innkeepers

The road to innkeeping has been long and winding for both Edwin and Joan Hantz. With a certain sense of inevitability, though, all agree that the Old Granite Inn is definitely a “good fit.” The closeness of relatives and life-long family friends made Rockland a logical place to settle.

In a previous “life,” both were musicians. They met at the Music School of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Joan was a composer/violinist and Ed was her accompanist. Thirty five plus years later, he still is. Most recently, both worked for Joan’s graphic design company, Windsor Street Design Associates, Inc., of Rochester, NY. Joan has kept one foot in the design ring by continuing to do business with a few of her preferred New York clients and developing new relationships in Maine. Coming from backgrounds in service-related fields, she in graphic design and he in college music teaching, both of the Hantzes value close client relationships. Each, however, brings unique talents to innkeeping.

Ed grew up in Fayetteville, AR, the son of a college professor and a librarian. He has degrees from Reed College (Portland, OR) and the U of M. The family moved to Rochester so that he could teach at the Eastman School of Music. Ed is an avid cook and gardener. He is responsible for the innovative food served at the Inn and the many flowering plants that adorn both the public spaces and guest rooms. Joan grew up in Lexington, MA, the daughter of two architects. Her father now lives on Vinalhaven. Joan received her training in the graphic arts at Bennington College (Bennington, VT) and the Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY). An avid interior designer, woodworker, and photographer, Joan is responsible for the look and feel of the Inn.

Ed and Joan have two grown children, a son, Matthew, who works and lives in Manhattan, and a daughter, Giuliana, who lives in Rockland. They also have three granddaughters.